Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shampoo Free - 1 week

So far this is easier than the comments section online indicated!

I washed with the baking soda and water mix on Monday and Thursday. I brush the oils through my hair in the morning, and overall it's not too dirty looking, and actually feels good! I've been careful with the washes because apparently the soda can cause breakage if you are too rough. I've also skipped the apple cider vinegar conditioner, just because I don't need it as my hair isn't tangling. But, I will try it next week to see if it helps with the small bit of static.

My hair feels thicker and seems to have more...attitude? Not sure how else to describe it. The other day I did a side part and it fell like I was a 1950s movie star, not like in the past, where it just looked like normal fluffy hair with a side part.

All these years I was convinced I HAD to wash my hair everyday, or else it would be/feel disgusting. Maybe that was the case during my teenage years, but it doesn't seem to be now. Which is great, because I hate having wet hair.

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