Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shampoo Free

In the name of less chemical consumption/exposure/waste, I'm jumping on to the "No 'Poo" train.

Basically this means I won't be using shampoo anymore; instead I'll be washing every few days with baking soda and water, and conditioning with apple cider vinegar and water. There should be an initial adjustment period, after which my hair's oil production will balance out and do the work that conditioner used to do, without overproducing and becoming gross. Benefits include thicker, healthier more voluminous hair and less washing/styling (not that I style ever...) fuss.

So my last shampoo was Saturday morning. I used baking soda last night and my hair feels and looks awesome this morning!

If you're interested in the process, here's a site that explains the routine, or check out my other post for a summary.

It's a bit overwhelming when you start reading the comments and hearing the individual stories. Everyone's hair reacts differently, and ratios/ingredients might need to deviate from the recipe because of that. Fingers crossed my hair likes this!

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