What is this blog about?

I spend a fair bit of my leisure time reading and learning about toxicology. There are man-made chemicals everywhere in our world, and I want to know what we know about them, what we don't know about them, where they are and how I can avoid some of them!

I think blogging about these things will not only help me retain the knowledge I learn, but hopefully be of use to you, the reader, if you'd also like to cut down on your chemical exposure. I hope you will feel free to contribute with your own insight and questions as well.

What does your blog title mean?

So much of what we call progress is backwards. 
And so much of what we call backwards is progress.

I am a scientist, but I must confess,
I'm highly skeptical of technological "progress". 
I don't see science as a solution. It's only a tool.
We may have developed a lot of knowledge about how things work 
(but there is so much more we don't understand)
but what about the wisdom to know how to appropriately use this knowledge?

I question the wisdom behind how we use much of our new knowledge.
We tend to label anything that is new as "progress",
but there are so many things from the past that need to be brought forward with us
in order to truly progress. 

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