Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Natural Fabric Softener

Do you know what chemicals are in your fabric softener?

According to Adria Vasil's guide to environmentally friendly products in Canada, your fabric softener likely contains:

-chloroform - a probable human carcinogen
-benzyl acetate - linked to kidney, liver and respiratory problems
-toluene - a hazardous gas
But unless you really don't mind getting electric shocks, static cling and levitating hairstyles, what can you do to avoid these nasty chemicals? There are a few options:

-Add vinegar to your final rinse cycle
-Use a reusable chemical-free cloth
-Use naturally derived liquid options from environmentally friendly companies
-Use wool balls in the dryer, scented with essential oil

I haven't tried the first three options, but I did make myself 4 wool dryer balls (by wrapping 100% wool yarn into balls and felting in a sock, see tutorial here). Their pros are supposed to include reducing static and lessening the time it takes to dry your clothes and eliminating wrinkles due to their bouncing action which separates clothes as they dry.

Other than it taking a bit longer than I expected to wrap the wool into balls, I am pretty happy with my finished product! They do make noise in the dryer, so that is something to consider. They work well for reducing drying time and wrinkles. I am noticing a bit more static than usual, but not enough to give me shocks or a bad hair day, so I think I'm going to stick with this option for a cleaner laundry habit!

Have you tried any of the above options? If so, what did you think?

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